Tips for Choosing the Right Tax Accountant

Each year many Canadians hire a tax accountant to help with their tax returns. If you are a small business owner, self-employed or if you have large investment portfolios, you too may be thinking of hiring a tax accountant.

If you want to find the right tax accountant in Vancouver, here are some things you should look for:

Choose a chartered professional accountant

When searching for an accountant to do your taxes, ensure you select a chartered professional accountant (CPA). An accountant who has been certified as a CPA is one who is highly trained, having completed degree-level education and has met the professional standards of the accounting regulatory bodies in Canada.

Look for a tax accountant with relevant expertise

If you are looking for a tax accountant for your business, it might be wise to find one who helped clients that operate a similar business. In the past tax, accounts would only be used to balance the books. Now, CPAs do much more.

When you work with a CPA who has clients in similar industries, they will be better able to understand and assist with your unique business needs. If you operate a growing business, check whether the CPA you are considering has larger clients. If the CPA has larger clients, this is an indicator that the accountant will be able to handle your accounting needs as your company expands.

Ask what value the CPA provide outside of compliance

Since a CPA can add more value than merely ensuring businesses are compliant with government tax regulations, ask how the CPA can add value to your business beyond compliance. A CPA who will operate as a business advisor can be an asset for growing your business.

Ask about fees

Chartered professional accounts use several fee structures. Some may use time-based fees, which are usually calculated on an hourly basis. This hourly fee is dependent on the seniority of the CPA and the services they will provide. Other CPAs use project-based fees which means they charge for each task they complete. There are value-based fees as well. Value-based fees are calculated by estimating the value of the services a CPA provides.

Look for a tax accountant that uses a fee structure that suits your needs.

Are you searching for a tax accountant in Vancouver?

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